Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a software development kit which enables developers to create high-performance, multimedia applications and games for the iPhone without using Objective-C or Cocoa. Corona SDK uses the Lua scripting language, which looks very similar to Adobe's ActionScript 2.0. 

Features of Corona SDK
  • Proprietary OpenGL-ES rendering engine allows for full hardware acceleration of graphics, including sprites that animate at full GPU speed.  
  • Transition library enables twinning of Corona-powered sprites' position, rotation, alpha, or any other property.
  • Supports native iPhone and Android UI. Developers can access the iPhone's native text features including all fonts, multi-line fields, and keyboard input.
  • Apps built with Corona start at under 400KB in size.
  • Subscription-based purchase model allows users to have new updates as soon as they are rolled out.
  • Full feature integration with device camera, accelerometer, magnetometer, video player, compass, and/or GPS.


Build apps 10x faster

Corona's framework dramatically increases productivity. Tasks like animating objects in OpenGL or creating user-interface widgets take only one line of code, and changes are instantly viewable in the Corona Simulator. You can rapidly test without lengthy build times.

Same code multiple store

Corona is the only complete solution for developing across platforms, OS versions, and screen sizes. You can write once and build to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire or Nook Color at the touch of a button — Corona will automatically scale your content across devices from phones to tablets.

Simple powerful APIs

Make use of advanced features using just a few lines of human-friendly code. For instance, you can implement realistic physics in your game with just five lines! Corona's ease of use is what allows developers from Indies to major studios to create #1 chart-topping apps, games, and eBooks.

Create engaging Experiences

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter apps. Whether you're creating branded apps, graphically rich games, or interactive eBooks, Corona gives you everything you need to go beyond the ordinary. It's easy to make your apps behave and look exactly how you want them to.

Cut costs. Monetize faster

Corona enables you to produce top titles without big studio budgets. And thanks to Corona's integrated support for in-app purchases, banner ads, and offer-based virtual currency, you can monetize faster and easier than ever before.

Join developers like you

Corona boasts a very generous and knowledgeable community, a plethora of 3rd party tools, as well as a shared code repository where users can download and share helpful libraries and snippets with one another.

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