Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Facetime-The Amazing feature in iPhone4

One-tap simple to connect.
FaceTime works right out of the box — no need to set up a special account or screen name. And using it is as easy as it gets. Let’s say you want to start a video call with your mom. Just find her entry in your contacts and tap the FaceTime button. Or just tell Siri, “FaceTime with Mom.” Or maybe you’re already talking to her, iPhone to iPhone, and you want to switch to video. Just tap the FaceTime button on the screen. Either way, an invitation pops up on her screen asking if she wants to join you. When she accepts, the video call begins. It’s all perfectly seamless. And it works in both portrait and landscape views.

Two cameras made for video calling.
iPhone has two built-in cameras, one on the front above the display and one on the back next to the LED flash. The front camera has been tuned for FaceTime. It has just the right field of view and focal length to focus on your face at arm’s length. So it always presents you in the best possible light.

Share what you see with the back camera.
Imagine your sister is away at school and can’t make it to your son’s birthday. So you’re cheering her up with a FaceTime call. As the cupcakes come out, your son’s eyes light up, and you just have to share it. Tap a button, and before you can say “Make a wish,” iPhone switches to the back camera and the birthday boy’s big moment. Another tap switches to the front camera and to you.

Facetime is one of the most awesome and stunning features of iPhone 4. It lets you allow, with a single tap in most cases, make video calls to your dear once. Whether your friend has an iPhone 4, or an iPad 2 or iPod Touch or even a Mac with Facetime enabled, you can make video calls as easily as making calls. Here is how to use Facetime on iPhone 4, a step by step Facetime tutorial specifically for iPhone 4 users. You can go through the steps to start using Facetime on iPhone 4. In order to use Facetime on iPhone 4, however, you need to make sure Facetime is enabled in your country and region’s Apple services. 

Using Facetime is simple. If you are about to make a video call, all you need to do is:
  • Go to the contacts and select the person you want to contact.
  • From the phonebook entry, select “Facetime” icon.
  • The call is made and when the person on the other end accepts the Facetime invitation, you can begin to chat via video.
When you are on a call already:
Facetime is simpler when you have already made the call to the other person.

  • When you are on the call, a list of icons shows up on the screen.
  • Tap on Facetime icon.
  • A Facetime invitation is sent and when your friend accepts it you can begin to chat through video.

This is about all you need to do in order to use Facetime on iPhone 4. Apple says that should you face any trouble in making Facetime calls, you might need to verify the contact number’s validity, you might also need to restart Facetime, and you might want to make sure the other person’s device is capable of Facetime!

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